Villány – Sátorhely: At the foot of the Baranya hills

Villány is left towards Kisjakabfalva. A cycle path leads towards Kisbudmér, with a unique view to the Karasica river valley. Before Borjád we take the Karasica dike, approaching Bóly.

Bóly is the town centre of the district and the local wine growing area, with considerable German minority. Among the main sights is worth to mention the Batthyány castle, and the Batthyány-Montenuovo Mausoleum. The town offers different services (accommodation, restaurants, wine tasting, stores, banks, post office, bike shops and repair).

Leaving Villány towards Magyarbóly we may go to Beremend where several services are available (stores, restaurant, hotel, swimming pool). One can visit the multi-confessional chapel and Hungary’s southernmost point in the area of Kásád. From here we can enter Croatia, or make a shortcut to Sátorhely through Lippó and Majs.

Bóly is to be left towards Nagynyárád. Nagynyárád is a typical German (Swabian) village, its landmark is the ornate baroque catholic church, the blue painter workshop of the local craftsman, János Sárdi, just like accompanied the Summer festival organised around the blue painting tradition every year. The village has a store and pub.

The next stop is Sátorhely that is known of its History Memorial Park devoted to the memory of the battle of the Hungarians against the Turks in 1526. The lost battle – being a turning point for the whole of Europe – determined the 150 year long Turkish rule. The site is home for the grave of 1700 soldiers and of King Louis II.

Bóly (photo: Ferling). Sátorhely, historic memorial (photo: Komlós Attila). Sátorhely, historic memorial (photo: DDNP). Sátorhely, historic memorial (photo: Komlós Attila).