Vejti – Harkány: The Ancient Drava area

Continuing to the east from Vejti soon we arrive to Mailáthpuszta where a fishing lake, a buffet and a newly established hostel is located.

Leaving Majláthpuszta to the north there is an alternative route to Harkány, through the villages of Sámod, Adorjás, Kórós, Rádfalva, Diósviszló and Márfa, on good quality asphalt. Main sight of this section is the reformed church of Kórós, with painted coffered ceiling. Diósviszló is the place with the “Ormánság Gate”, in the village there is a shop and a guest house.

Continuing on the dike from Mailáthpuszta a new asphalted bike path leads along the Kisinci oxbow. Near Szaporca can find the Ancient Drava Ecotourism Visitors’ and Interpretation Centre. We can make a detour to Kémes where stores and restaurant is working.

From Szaporca we continue on the bank of the Fekete-víz towards Drávaszabolcs. In Drávaszabolcs stores and inn for cyclists operate. On the bicycle path built parallel the main road we arrive soon to Harkány.

An alternative section is available from Drávaszabolcs through Keselyősfapuszta and Matty to Siklós. The Drava offers sunbathing on the sandy beach near Keselyősfapuszta, in the area a guest house, in Matty a restaurant and tavern is available. Following the dike to the east we can find the Boros-Drava oxbow.

Harkány is one of the most important tourist locations, famous spa resort. The town offers a very wide range of services – including accommodation of all comfort levels, guest houses, shops, restaurants, bike shops and repairing services. Most of the accommodations offer bicycle rental as well.

Mailáthpuszta, fishing lake (photo: Kozma József). Szaporca - Ancient Drava Ecotourism Visitors’ Centre (photo: DDNPI). Keselyősfapuszta - Drava beach (photo: SundS). Harkány - thermal spa (photo: Ferling). Harkány - thermal spa (photo: Ferling). Harkány (photo: Ferling). Harkány (photo: Ferling). Harkány (photo: Ferling).