Harkány – Villány: On two wheels along the wine route

Harkány and Siklós is connected with segregated bicycle path. Siklós is famous of its impressive castle, remains of Turkish architecture and thermal spa. The town offers various services including accommodation, restaurant, shops, bank, bike shops and repair etc. Tuning North in front of the Town Hall the route continues through Nagytótfalu, Kisharsány towards Nagyharsány.

Continuing through Újpetre we may take a detour to Palkonya, recognisable by its red-roof round church. Palkonya was the Cultural Village of Europe in 2007, most of the houses are protected, just like the row of cellars that is the location of the festival of “Open Cellars” at Pentecost every year. Similar row of wine cellars are visible in Villánykövesd, further down towards Villány.

Nagyharsány is one of the most important locations of the wine growing area, the dry sub-climate on the southern hills of the Szársomlyó is exceptionally favourable for wine production. The hill is home for several protected animal and plant species. In the vicinity there is a Statue Park, being an internationally recognized destination for sculptors and location of statuary art.

From Nagyharsány we take the long slope to Villány, tourism centre of the wine route. Numerous accommodation, wine cellars, restaurants and shops wait for the tourists. During the year several festivals are organised, attracting large number of visitors.

On services and programs available in the town and its area up-to-date information is available through the website www.villanyiborvidek.hu.

Siklós - castle (photo: Benovics Gábor). Siklós - mosque (photo: Adrian Rădulescu). Siklós (photo: Adrian Rădulescu). Nagyharsány, statue park (fotó: Adrian Rădulescu). Kisharsány - wineyards (photo: Adrian Rădulescu). Szársomlyó hill (photo: Adrian Rădulescu). Nagyharsány - bicycle path (photo: DDRFÜ). Villány wineyards (photo: Benovics Gábor). Villány (photo: Benovics Gábor). Villány - cellars (photo: Benovics Gábor).