Barcs – Felsőszentmárton: Through the forest along the Drava and the tiny villages of the Drava riverside

Barcs is a town of 11 thousand inhabitants, offering several services (stores, accommodation, banks, post office, railway station). The Barcs Thermal Bath and Recreational Centre is to be particularly mentioned.

The route takes the Drava beach walkway where we can continue on the forest path towards Drávatamási, just parallel to the Drava river. Section of the path near Barcs is good for cycling, well maintained forest road, while the eastern section is made of loose sand that may be muddy in rain and dusty in dry season, thus cycling is not always easy here.

Drávatamási is a tidy village on the Drava bank, several private accommodations, campsites and apartman houses are available.

Between Drávatamási and Drávasztára we continue on good quality asphalted roads with low traffic through Drávagárdony, Kastélyosdombó, Potony, Tótújfalu and Szentborbás. In Potony there is a rest area, store and pub, also worth to pay a visit to the coffered-ceiling catholic church. On the Drava bank near Szentborbás a guest house is available that is run by the Danube-Drava National Park.

In the centre of Tótújfalu a sign shows an alternative route on the dike, going through an area of beautiful nature towards Felsőszentmárton.

Felsőszentmárton is a village of Croatian majority. Patron of the village is St. Martin, the village is part of the European St. Martin pilgrimage route. The village hosts several stores, pubs and private accommodation options (pension, campsite).

Barcs, thermal spa and open-air pool (photo: SundS). Drávatamási - Drava riverside (photo: DDRFÜ). Landscape of Ormánság (photo: DDRFÜ). Landscape of Ormánság (photo: DDRFÜ). Szentborbás - accommodation of Danube-Drava National Park (photo: SundS). Szentborbás - Drava riverside (photo: SundS). Felsőszentmárton (photo: DDRFÜ).